Providing high quality Australian Bass, Silver Perch and Estuary Perch fingerlings to local farm dams and stocking public waterways for over 15 years

Australian Bass (Mature)

Australian Bass (Mature)

Estuary Perch (Mature)

Estuary Perch (Mature)

Silver Perch (Mature)

Silver Perch (Mature)

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Estuary Perch Fingerlings in QuarantineEstuary Perch Fingerlings in Quarantine

Mulloway (Jewfish) Juvenile...Breeding in Development..Coming Soon...

Mulloway (Jewfish) Juvenile...Breeding in Development...Coming Soon...

Australian Bass Fry Minutes Before Release into our Earthern Ponds

Australian Bass Fry Minutes Before Release into our Earthern Ponds


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Narooma Aquaculture, owned by Bruce Lawson, is specialised in providing high quality fish fingerlings including Australian Bass, Estuary Perch and Silver Perch. We supply to the general public for farm dams and impoundments, local councils throughout the state, local fishing clubs and government departments including NSW and Victorian Fisheries, and NSW and Victorian Catchment Management Authorities. Narooma Aquaculture is located on the south coast of NSW and is one of just three Australian Bass hatcheries in NSW, the other two located on the North Coast.

We actively participate in the Dollar-For-Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program funded by NSW Industries and Investment. This program enables funding to local fishing clubs for the stocking of native fish species into public waterways including Australian Bass. Funds used in this program originate from fishing licence fees and so is a perfect example of your money at work.

We have been successful in providing high quality and disease free fingerlings since 1999 and continue to strive for highly conditioned fingerlings through our continued success in fingerling production.

Quality Assurance Scheme

Narooma Aquaculture strives for the highest quality fingerling production possible through our participation and compliance to the Quality Assurance Scheme and Biosecurity Program set by Industry and Investment NSW.

Our fish are thoroughly examined for signs of parasites and diseases fortnightly and water quality is tested daily to ensure our fingerlings are healthy and safe for dispatch. The general health of the system is monitored several times a day. Fish samples are also shipped to and tested by Industry and Investment NSW for Nodavirus. We have procedures in place that can be employed in the event of a problem to ensure complete biosecurity and isolation until the fingerlings are again in full health.

All fish are quarantined on entry and dispatch to prevent any introduction of disease, parasites or foreign material and plants to the farm or environment.

Narooma Aquaculture has 14 rearing ponds, all of which drain into effluent storage which is then irrigated so that no waste water enters the environment.


Narooma Aquaculture is committed to supplying quality fingerlings for the rehabilitation of native fish stocks in lakes and rivers in NSW and Victoria, adding to the commercial value of our waterways and increasing and returning the richness of the natural biodiversity, in cooperation with NSW and Victorian Catchment Management Authorities, NSW and Victorian Fisheries Departments, and NSW Industry and Investment. We also supply fish to local fishing clubs who increase the commercial value of local reservoirs and impoundments.

Narooma Aquaculture has stocked over half a million native Australian Bass fingerlings into the Snowy River in association with NSW and Victorian Catchment Management Authorities and Victorian Fisheries, tens of thousands of Australian Bass fingerings into Brogo Dam near Bega, and Flat Rock Dam and Danjera Dam west of Nowra in association with local fishing clubs, over three hundred Australian Bass fingerlings into Gippsland Lakes in association with Victorian Fisheries, thousands of Australian Bass into private farm dams throughout the district and over four hundred thousand native Estuary Perch into Victorian Waters in association with Victorian Fisheries. Narooma Aquaculture is the only hatchery in Australia successful in producing commercial quantities of Estuary Perch fingerlings.






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